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Testimonials From Some of Lynn's Clients...

Han & Victor
Lynn is different from our former agents in different ways: his slightly larger build, his rather casual clothing choices, his MIT education background - a guaranteed bonus when it comes to loan calculations, his understanding of his role - an honest guide, a supporter of the clients' decisions, a fighter at negotiating tables, and an always-on-duty rescuer during emergencies. Unlike some agents who prioritize sales volume and commission before clients, Lynn has never pressured us and has always spoken his honest opinions patiently about both the value and quality of each property. The following chart I complied would speak for itself.

Three Similar Listings on Our Street:

House #1    1800 Sq Ft,  3 BR   Sold for $860K,  12/2009
House #2    2100 Sq Ft,  4 BR   Sold for $895K,  03/2010
Our House   2100 Sq Ft,  4 BR   Sold for $878K,  12/2009

And ONLY our house came with fossil stone flooring on the first level, granite kitchen countertops, and plantation shutters throughout. To choose the best loan option, one late night Lynn calculated with my husband the break-even point of each scenario. And when an urgent matter with our loan surfaced, Lynn updated us with new status every morning and evening despite his Thanksgiving vacation. His clothing choices might be somewhat casual, but his work has been proven anything but casual.

Lynn's excellent service did not end with the close of the sale. He has always been there to patiently answer our seemingly "stupid" questions and help find a solution. By the time we moved in, Lynn had told us a great deal of things about purchasing a home, but looking back, the only things he never said were: "You should buy this house," or "You should pay this amount for it." With a heart as big as his build, if he is not a great agent and his work not great service, I don't know what is. :)

I have done at least five real estate transactions with Lynn. Each time Lynn has dedicated all his efforts to make sure everything was done correctly. Whether he was looking for the best loan rates or if he was trying to sell my property, Lynn delivered with no surprises.

With my first property, Lynn was able to sell it within two weeks! He worked endlessly until it was sold. However, Lynn was not just someone who wanted to get rid of the property quickly. He made sure I got an offer that I wanted and continued to work with me even after the property was sold. When the property sold, the association withheld $1800 from me. Lynn worked for several months until I received the money back! He had already received his commission months ago, but continued to support me. It really is true that the relationship does not end when the deal is done.

With another property, I needed a loan. Since Lynn was so great, I naturally wanted him to do it as well. Again, Lynn impressed me. Lynn would look everyday for weeks until he got me the rate I wanted. Eventually, Lynn got me a rate of 4% for a 3-year interest only loan. I even checked with Bankrate, and nobody came near that rate. He is someone you can trust to find very competitive rates and will not pull some weird requirement before you need the money to close. Be careful with unknown brokers, I have heard horror stories about people losing a lot of money because the broker or bank, trying to make more money, would pull a special requirement such as more down payment or higher fees right before you close. Some brokers prey on you since you are most vulnerable right before the money is due. I guarantee Lynn will not do this. I have done enough transactions with him to know this.

In another transaction, Lynn refinanced a property for me. He made this transaction so smooth that I almost forgot about it. I asked Lynn to refinance a property for 30 years at a rate of 5.5%. Within a couple of weeks, Lynn locked in a rate of 5.375% for me, drove me to escrow, and closed the transaction.

Now, not all the transactions we have done were smooth. With one loan, when it was getting close to the deadline, Lynn woke up at 6 am every morning to make sure the bank would get all the things together. At these worrisome times, Lynn did not hide from me. He told me exactly what was going on and what still needed to be done. That is someone that is rare in the real estate business.

I could bore you with all the transactions, but in every case, Lynn put all his heart into the transaction. He is an honest person who will get things done. If you want a friend that is in real estate rather than just a person working in real estate, I guarantee Lynn will not disappoint you. In this crazy real estate business, everyone wants a piece of your money pot. You need someone you can trust to fight for you. Lynn is that person. If you need a reference and want to see proof of Lynnís ability to deliver, contact me at alanjtam@yahoo.com.

Howie and Renee
As the first time home buyer, we did not know too much about buying a house. We did not even know what we should ask. Lynn helped us a lot by walking us through the whole process step-by-step. Buying a bank owned house could be tedious and very frustrated experience for everyone. With Lynnís help, we close the deal based on my schedule and make the process less painful as possible. Although we hired Lynn as our loan officer, he went to beyond it, including coordinating the listing agent, buying agent, and banks, giving us tips on how to deal with sellers issues, and pointing us on some pitfalls. He understood our needs and fought for our interests. I would like to recommend Lynn to all my friends.

David & Peter
This is my first time buying a house and looking for an agent myself. I was a bit skeptical about agents at first since I took some real estate classes and heard horror stories about them. I also interviewed quite a few agents myself, and many of them showed little or no interest in working with me when I told them that I am looking for a house in the 500k range. Lynn, on the other hand, is a very patient and dedicated agent. He is honest and very willing to work with me. The most important aspect is that he knows the market very well. It took me over 2 months to find a house and Lynn drove me to view no less than 15 houses during this time. I never felt any pushing or rushing from Lynn to get it over with. He also got me a loan with the best interest rate on the market. I would not hesitate to go with him again in any of my future purchases and would highly recommend him to any one looking for a real estate agent or loan officer.

Mark & Veronica
We sold our old home and bought our new home using Lynn's services. We were very impressed with Lynn's quality of service and commitment to excellence. But don't take our word for it, let the numbers do the talking. Lynn helped us sell our old home 35K over asking price and helped us buy our new home with only a 7K premium during a very hot sellers market where we were competing with many other offers. He also helped us obtain a competitive mortgage rate. When we moved in, we had some minor issues with our home. Lynn diligently helped us resolve these issues in a timely manner. He truly understands that the relationship between client and agent do not end after close of sale.

Overall I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.

Bettina & Dat
There aren't enough nice words to describe Lynn. He is exceptionally hardworking and dedicated; a complete professional, he always put our interests first when we purchased our first house and applied for our loan.

The day the bids were due on the house, Lynn was on the phone with the selling agent several times throughout the day to obtain information. And in the end, we were able to purchase the house at below list price!

He handled our loan with expertise as well. The day we went into contract, the interest rates rose. Being well informed and intuitive, he watched the market and knew that the interest rate would fluctuate back down and we were able to lock in a great rate.

He worked tirelessly for us from start to finish--he completed comparative market analyses, loan papers and bids all on short notice. Every part of our home buying was quick and smooth. He has incredible follow through as he was with us in the final walk through of the house and even now he's available for any questions we have.

Lynn made sure our home buying experience was pleasant. He is professional, meticulous, and committed to excellence. We highly recommend Lynn as a real estate agent and mortgage broker.

Raju & Latha
We have worked with Lynn Shi throughout the process of buying our first property. Working with Lynn Shi has been a very positive and wonderful experience for us. Lynn was extremely responsive right from the beginning, very accommodating throughout the process. He gave great suggestions, and also listened intently and incorporated feedback accordingly.

We initially knew only the general process of home buying, but unfamiliar with the actual rigors of the real estate market ?of quick decision making and the highly fluctuating and rapidly increasing house prices. Lynn made us familiar and even comfortable with these realities. Throughout the process, Lynn discussed our expectations with us and made us aware of how those expectations matched up to the actual market. He gave us comparative market analysis of the property which we liked that enabled us to understand the value of the property better. We encountered several complications along the way ranging from our own confusions on whether to go for a condominium or a single family residence to the actual loan process. We had obstacles at each stage starting from our visa status for getting loans and much more. For each of these obstacles, Lynn was consistent and reliable and helped through the obstacles. He would not hesitate to work long hours to make sure that we understand all the formalities.

We have stayed beyond midnight in his office to solve lot of complications we had. We were not sure if we would qualify for a single family residence and were looking for condos and with Lynn's motivation and guidance here we are ? 'Proud owners of a single family residence in Sunnyvale which is just 6 years old!!!'.This was the first house we gave an offer for and we got it. Last but not the least, he also stops by to say hi or give a holiday gift, which is a testament in itself to his follow through and customer focus. He makes sure that we are satisfied with the purchase even after all the formalities are done and he has no obligation towards us. He is a good friend than a real estate agent for us

Kenny & Jennifer
Lynn is a wonderful reator and mortgage broker. We have used him for the last 4 transactions. He is accomodating with our busy schedule, including 1 very late night notary appointment at our home. Lynn is reliable and works tirelessly on getting the job done. He is prompt in responding to our questions and following up with open issues on our behalf. We look forward to working with Lynn on our next real estate adventure!

Boris & Helen
We bought our first house last year and Lynn helped us to get a mortgage with an excellent rate. Being a first time buyer we didnít know too much about the loan process but with Lynnís professional skills, it was almost as easy as just signing the papers. The house we bought was with some distance to the Bay area, however Lynn arranged everything so perfectly and our offer was accepted and processed just in time.

Lynn was very responsive, patient and competent at what heís doing. We had some issues with the real estate agent we worked with, it wasnít Lynnís responsibility but he even went out of his way to help us handle some of those issues. It wasnít a buyers?market at the time we bought the house, we were so happy that we worked with Lynn to make it happen!

After the transaction Lynn has become our best friend in life. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone with housing or loan needs.

John & Nina
When we were looking for a bigger single family home, Lynn helped us get a great deal. In the frenzy buyerís market, we were able to get the property with $13,000 below the listing price. His negotiation skills are mostly impressive. He could navigate the complex negotiations with ease, identified our advantages and the other partyís needs, and presented, with style, an offer that canít be refused.

After we moved in the single family home, we were ready to sell my one-year-old townhouse. It was winter, and the market had shifted. At that time, the builder still had a few brand new inventories on the market. Waiting no time, the builder began aggressively competing with us head-on by lowering all its listing prices within 24 hours of our listing. However, with Lynnís excellent online presentation, open houses, and follow ups, we were able to sell for top dollars, much higher than the builderís new townhouses. We were again very happy with the results.

Overall, we highly recommend Lynn as your real estate agent for life.

Eric & Vivian
Lynn helped us to get an excellent mortgage rate for our house in LA. Not only was he able to get a much-better-than-market rate, he tried everything he could to keep his promises; completing the loan on time, and making sure that everything were going smoothly to offset the fact that he's in the bay area and doing the loan remotely. We're extremely impressed by his honesty, professionalism and sincerity on top of his best mortgage rate.

We're getting a house in phoenix now. Without any hesitation, we're coming back to Lynn again for his excellent mortgage service. We'd recommend Lynn to anyone who is buying/selling a house or doing a refinance loan.

A real estate transaction is a serious enough endeavour that requires some fundamental characteristics: Being dilligent; being well-informed; being honest; having an educated guess as to what can be expected; being proactive, to name a few. In a realtor-client relationship all these characteristics need a solid, foundational channel: Good communication.

In a time when most people would advise to refrain from placing a property in the market (the Christmas holiday season!), Lynn provided his services with a superb level of professional excelency, to say the least.

The real estate market and all the individuals and organizations that create it and keep it flowing are characteristics that a real estate agent cannot control. However, how a real estate agent plays his role in such a dynamic phenomenon is what makes the difference as to how a transaction unfolds and the level of satisfaction that such undertaking will provide for the agentís client.

The delivery and quality of service that I received from Lynn were simply beyond what could be expected from most agents. With all the normal expectations, the sale of my property took place very smoothly due to his hard and honest work. He provided everything that was needed as a dedicated professional plus he added the characteristics that only a true and unconditional friend is willing to offer for the sake of friendship. Thanks Lynn!

Rag & Sija
Meeting Lynn was coincidental and feel very fortunate that we meet such a great Realtor as well an excellent Loan agent. On the course of our meetings, he became one of our close friends now. Lynn spends lot of time in identifying our requirements and patiently lessons to our needs and gives very high regards to all our views/needs and act accordingly. He takes good time showing different houses and verifies with us if it meets all our requirements. When he takes us to a house, he patiently explains all the details of the house, neighborhood, his thoughts/views and those were very valuable and not measurable. Another good thing about Lynn is he maintains good contact with listing agents and builds a very good rapport in no time. In fact the listing agent of the house we bought, liked Lynn very much and that special consideration was a plus when we put in the offer. Lynn spends lot of time and don't mind staying late to put in offers or explain all the pros and cons of the house before making an offer. And the way Lynn presents the offer is also very impressive.

Lynn is a very good loan agent as well. He did our mortgage also with a very good rate. He even follow up and suggests banks for refinancing.

We had refereed Lynn to few of our friends and they are now proud home owners like us.

With a long association, he has been one of our good friends now. He often calls and visits us, won't forget to give us holiday gifts too.

Thank you very much Lynn! All your extra efforts are highly appreciated!! Hope to work with you when we move to a bigger house!!!

If your ideal realtor is honest, down-to-earth, patient, and follows up on all your concerns, then Lynn is your guy. I did an out of state refinance with Lynn. While this is the first time Lynn had to do an out of state loan, he wasn't to be denied. He worked tirelessly in getting me a great rate, communicating with remote appraisers and title companies, and even put up some of his own money for me when I'm out of country traveling.

During the refinance process, the title company had a bunch of processing problems that cost me extra money. Lynn worked hard in trying to get the errors corrected. Too hard I may add, even after I've given up hope getting any compensation back, he's still working on it. In his words, it's his reputation on the line. Now, wouldn't you like to have a realtor on your side that cares about your interest even more so than yourself? I know I would.

If I have any refinance needs or purchase a place, I will definitely ask lynn for his expertise.

As a loan officer, he worked tirelessly and being very responsible. He helped me with my loan for my LA purchase. He has to work remotely with title company, appraisal down in L.A. Since I have a very tight schedule, he is able to be top of all the steps,providing me most up-to-date information and promptly answer any of my questions. During my purchase, the rate has been going up and up, Lynn had been watching it every day trying to lock down a better rate for me for 2 weeks. With his dedication, we are able to close the escrow on time. He is very patient and always provides suggestion for the customer's best interest. He has always been very motivated, detail-oriented and reliable.

I will definitely choose lynn as my agent for my next purchase if my wallet allows, and so should you!

Fan & Alfred
Lynn is a good friend of my wife and i; however, since he tricks everyone in cards all the time, we hired him with caution in mind. What we found was Lynn's professionalism shining through in critical times, namely when the mistakes from the title company were piling up and the seller giving us a hard time. His attentiveness and patience resolved these issues, as well as his experience helping us flag potential pitfalls with our interests in mind. I don't believe the deal would have been successful without lynn, and we certainly gained a new respect/appreciation for him. We will undoubtly have him as our real-estate agent in the future because we trust not only his abilities, but him as a person... despite his looking at our cards. everytime.

Sanjay & Sagun
The transaction that Lynn helped me with was for my very first home. Never having owned a home before, I possessed few, if any knowledge required in performing a worry free real-estate transaction. I was unaware of all the intricate and technical details that are needed to ensure that a transaction of such magnitude processes without any problems. I needed an agent, with whom I could trust my finances and with whom I could comfortably share my desire for the type of home I wanted.

Lynn's instrumental dedication in finding me the perfect home within my budget was impressive. Without any regard to his personal life, he worked diligently in finding me the right property in the right neighborhood of my choice. Once we found a home we liked, Lynn demonstrated his superb negotiation skills in getting me the home for below the asking price. Throughout the whole process of negotiation with the seller's agent, he maintained outstanding professionalism, with which I was very impressed. In addition, he paid attention to every single detail that mattered to me, and made sure he communicated these details to the sellers appropriately. He took the time to explain to me each of the documents involved in the process, making sure that I understood them very well. If I had any questions regarding the documents, he was always available to answer these questions regardless of what time of the day it was, or what day of the week it was.

If I should ever again get involved in a real estate transaction, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will pick Lynn to represent me again. It is of great comfort knowing that I have a true friend in the real estate business that will pay the utmost attention to my needs and will religiously help me should I ever need him again. Thanks Lynn.

Yajun & Ming
Lynn is a good friend of ours and we get to know him better from purchasing our first home. He is not only a fun person to be with, but a very professional and trustworthy realtor and loan agent. It took us quite some time before we finally purchased our first home. Last summer we almost bought a townhouse, but we backed out from the deal mostly because we were not ready at the time. Lynn was very supportive with our decision. When we started looking again this year, the market has already picked up a lot in the desirable neighborhoods, yet we were not only looking for a fair deal, but a good deal.

So we looked at many homes and made several offers, but all got overbid. We were on the edge of loosing our confidence of ever going to find a perfect home, but then Lynnís professionalism and dedication really impressed us. He worked hard to make detailed (and accurate as it showed later) comparative market analyses and read all the disclosure packages for us before making an offer. Lynn also put good efforts in how to best present our offer and communicate with the sellerís agent. Hard work has finally paid off. We found the house on Waxwing, it has everything we are looking for, great location, nicely remodeled and it has a beautiful yard for our daughter to run around. We loved it instantly, so we told Lynn that he had to get us the house at a good price. He managed it! With multiple offers and our initial offer being not the highest bid, he is able to get us a single counter offer and we got the house 20K below the highest bid! The rest of the transaction went very smoothly, no surprises at all. Lynn always responded to our needs immediately.

Now we live happily in our lovely home. We want to thank Lynn for making our American dream come true!

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